Let’s start with some definitions. (It’s my blog, so I’ll use my own.)

Random: things happen for no apparent reason.
Determinism: everything happens because of something else.

Things do happen for certain (endless numbers of) reasons, and in particular patterns, but there is also a huge effect of randomness.

That is pretty much my filtered view on everything: science, technology, business, religion and life.

We all have our own biases in viewing the world.

The key, I think, is try to stick to a collection of evidence and facts to figure out how you can best increase your odds. Then, just don’t get too upset and start pointing blame when things don’t go your or your company’s way. Bad luck.


Physicists say that at the quantum level, everything is random (within certain distributions). Yet, a physicist friend told me that “Just because we can’t explain something and it all looks random, doesn’t mean that it is.” This leads me to believe that randomness and determinism may be a false dichotomy.

Perhaps free will and personal choice is available to us, or perhaps there are reasons for everything. Perhaps each keystroke I now type is predetermined and a part of some grand n-dimensional crystalline structure that from some perspectives looks solid and immovable.

And maybe randomness and probability is what we observe when we don’t understand the reasons (and we will never understand all the reasons).

How do we go about our lives? How can we live?

Well, we still have desire. We still have goals. Without sitting on a hilltop in a trance, they are inescapable (Maybe that is the answer, but at this stage, I’m not the guy to write about it.)
We still want good education for our kids, a good ROI and/or that next cool gadget.

We need to make decisions because we are human and we need to feel like we can select things we want and then choose actions to get them.

So, at times I’ll share my thoughts on how to get you what you want for you and/or your company. I’ll touch on creativity, innovation, technology, science, health care, philosophy, my own experiences and other random elements.

I hope it helps. You must be reading for a reason.