Link above is to my latest on HL7Standards.

We’re completely rewriting the rules for health care as we change the business model. What will this mean for healthcare organizations, like Pioneer ACOs? How will they adapt? There’s no going back. This is the first in a series.


I’ve just added some old posts that I had on Posterous

All the posts on this blog up until now used to reside on a few different Posterous blogs, including “Ideas Are Cheap”, “Health+Innovation” and “leonardkish”. There’s close to 50 old posts, some of them are pretty rough, some pretty good, but a couple tidbits I’m still proud of.

As I have smaller-size posts to add, I’ll add them here and it’ll be a kind of idea workspace. Thanks for stopping by, check by for more!

I’ve just starting playing around with! So look for a few odd topics by me there as well.