Remake a paper chart in digital crazy? Maybe not. Health Care Renewal: Healthcare IT Failure and The Arrogance of the IT Industry

In reality, handwriting issues aside, there is little wrong with “the old medical chart” from an information science perspective. It evolved over a century or longer to serve the needs of its users. It is a simple document in terms of organization, containing sometimes complex information but in an easy to find form (when maintained by humans properly) and in a presentation style that recognizes human cognitive limitations in very busy, complex social environments such as patient care settings.

Its quasi-duplication in electronic form would serve medicine well.

I agree. And now the technology is finally here. Just look at the new SI magazine 2.0 that may be coming out on the iTablet

All the functionality of a paper chart, but e-enabled with video and rich design.

Let’s put together a project to do just that but better for medical records.


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