Does Twitter makes us smarter? Is Twitter a Complex Adaptive System? « emergent by design

Here’s where things get interesting. From a learning standpoint, there is proof emerging that using Twitter builds intelligence. A study revealed these benefits:

All of the study participants were new to Twitter and had not previously used it or any similar microblogging service…..In a relatively short period of time, the participants formed quite sophisticated peer networks…..Peer support became a key feature of this student network, with activity rising just prior to assessment deadlines or during revision for exams. Content analysis of the messages indicated clear evidence of the emergence of personal learning networks…..Twitter is also very attractive as a data collection tool for assessing and recording the student experience, with a wide range of free and increasingly sophisticated online analysis tools available.

I blogged about my own experience yesterday, and here’s more evidence from a brilliant post on the emerging system twitter and the social sphere is creating.

Is Twitter making us smarter?

Is an effective twitter network going to be a key determinant of success over the next several years?

Are we building a new layer on top of our societal cortex? A new associative ability as a society?


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