Are screens killing our creativity?

As personal experiment, I’m trying to do more organizing and writing on paper, then digitizing. Digital formats seem to reduce the dimensions of our thinking as we are forced to work in 2ish dimensions, while our brains are still wired for working in 3-4 dimensions. Twitter, which I love, seems to nearly reduce our interactions to one linear dimension. What we gain in volume I fear we lose in depth.

I’ve seen a few items on childhood development where kids shouldn’t spend a few hours a day in front of the TV because of the reduced dimensions, but what about us adults? We spend any number of increasing hours in a mostly 2 dimensional world. What are the effects on our thinking? Any thoughts, links? Do you ever feel reading and writing in digital format hamper your creativity?


2 thoughts on “Are screens killing our creativity?

  1. Chuck, Thanks for the link. I’ll have to download it and give it a whirl. OK. The writing surface of paper is 2D, but I believe our mental representation of pages in a book or notebook are 3D. These forms therefore make more of an imprint in our memory than what we read or create in digital form. Some 3D movies, or possibly the art of illusion tool, could be exceptions. Some of the scenes in "UP" are much more memorable in detail because of the 3D textures, etc. In a very literal sense they make more of an impression. You don’t get much texture from a word doc or web page.

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