How can we have real, meaningful conversations about drugs?

Sally Church (@MaverickNY) has it right:

Howmany Pharma companies have blogs, share pictures on Flickr, engage in adialogue with patients or even listen to what patients are thinkingabout their company, product and services?  Pharma loves pushmarketing.  This takes several different forms – sales reps tellingdoctors about drugs, CME and medical education where key opinionleaders tell doctors about drugs, ads in journals, press releases onwebsites etc etc etc.  Nowhere in all this push marketing is any signof the pull effect and actively listening outside of the usualtraditional market research. Sally Church, Pharma Strategy Blog, Apr 2009

Howcan we move pharma from market research into actual conversationswithout fear of being smacked down by the FDA? How can we makeconversations about drugs more real, more trusted? Are the old ways of doing things driven by tradition or fear?